Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The Automatic Chicken Coop Door

It uses 2 12 Volt timers, Relay circuit, 12 volt linear actuator, 12 volt battery, 12 volt solar panel, and 12 volt solar charge controller. The linear actuator will stop any animals from being able to force the door open at night keeping the birds safer.

Finished Wiring Automatic Door
You can see how all the electronics and battery fits nicely inside a plastic water proof box. I will have to put a small hole on the bottom to run wires out of but that can be sealed.

Timer Wiring (close up)

Black is negative, Red is positive. All wiring is 18 gauge. I soldered all of the leads and connections. This will help insure good strong connections and no dirt getting within the wire. 18 gauge is all that’s really required. The timers, relay, linear actuator, solar panel, and solar controller all run on 12 volts. I kept the whole system on 12 volts to keep it simple. The timers and relays use less than 300 mA of power, the linear actuator uses 2 Amps of power for about 1:20 minutes twice a day. The solar produces less than 1 Amp of power. The linear actuator is missing in this picture. The leads screws between the red and black wires on the bottom of the relay board.

Wiring the timers and relay completed w/ battery

Timers wired with Battery, Solar Panel, and Solar Controller.

The solar feeds into the controller. The controller feeds into the battery. The controller will monitor and correctly keep the battery charged and not over charge the battery. Over charging would damage the battery. I am bypassing the controllers’ battery over discharge feature. My concern is if the solar controller fails the door will stop working. Where as if the solar controller stops working the battery will have enough battery power to work for a while without needing to be charged. So over discharge isn’t as much of a concern as the door operating.

Outside testing