Automatic Duck/Chicken Feeder

I build this automatic bird feeder for my ducks and chickens. The first model used a metal 5 gallon bucket with digital timer. My current model uses a metal 55 gallon drum (food grade). The metal bucket to keep other animals from eating their way into the drum. The motor is still mounted below the drum while the timer is mounted on the side of the drum. A 6″ metal air duck directs the feed to fall down into a gravity feeder. The drum holds 250 lbs of feed. It provides about a month of worry free feedings. This is also great for bad weather days, and vacations.

New Feeder Setup

Building New 55 Gallon (250 lb) feeder

On top of the big green (55 gallon) drum you can see the 6″ metal air duct I used to aim the feed down into the gravity feeder.

Old 5 Gallon feeder