Bluetooth Speaker Upgrade

I upgraded my Bluetooth Speaker. I discovered just how room there was inside the case. Lot’s of future positional for upgrading. The original battery was only 230 mA 3.7 LiPo cell. Not nearly long enough for me. I replaced it with a 2100 mA 3.7 18650 li-ion cell.

The screws were hiding under the cover the whole time. Always the last place you look.

That is one tiny battery, 230mA 3.7v Li-Po. Circuit protection built on the battery. After some testing I discovered circuit protection was also build onto the main board not surprising but it was rather unusual having two circuit protection in place. This meant I didn’t need to add a circuit protection and was free to and my non-protected 18650 li-ion battery. It is very important to only use li-ion with circuit protection this prevents them from being over charged or over discharged damaging the cells.

New 18650 cell is soldiered and in place. There is even room for another 18650 (maybe in the future).

This project was pretty simple. Thanks to two circuit protection for the li-ion being in place. I discovered there is lots of room for hacking this Bluetooth speaker. I can add an amplifier and drive a bigger speaker, or two bigger speakers. I can add more batteries. It would be easy to add a USB port to charge my phone. I could add a solar panel to the back and charge the battery. It’s silly because the lack of current the solar panels produce it would take a very long time sitting in the hot sun to recharge and the heat is bad for the cells. So don’t buy into those solar panel battery banks. Solar is an awesome technology when used correctly.

Maybe this will help someone who has a cordless speaker and the batteries just aren’t lasting or have failed completely.