Wire Clamp Ideas

I use wire clamp tool for much more than just hose clamp fittings.

Water Hose Repair

Fixing Barbed Wire Fences.  I had some loose wires in the fence. After stretching I sometimes only had 2″ of extra wire. Not enough to make a few loops. I could use a pricey crimp at $1 per wire and it’s unsightly. For less than a few cents I made a wire clamp and the repair disappears.

This idea didn’t work to well if you add a “U” bend to the wire it works much better.

You can see how big the barbed wire loop connection is and how small using a wire clamp connection is.

Fixing an old Lawn Mower. I had a good mower deck with a bad engine. I had a bad mower deck and a good engine. I couldn’t just let a good engine go to waste. The cable mount didn’t line up with the hole in the bar. No problem I just put a wire clamp on and off I go.

Homemade Fishing Float. A little bit of wire, a swivel and some electrical tape for color.